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Cade Cunningham talks about his time at Montverde Academy this season & more with Prep Circuit

By Pat Lawless, 12/05/18, 4:15PM EST


Q&A with class of 2020 small forward Cade Cunnigham

Class of 2020 small forward Cade Cunningham is already regarded as one of the top prospects in his class, but a lot more eyes will be on him this high school season with him transferring to Montverde Academy (FL). Cunningham likes his new team and the new challenges that come with it. He discussed this and more with Prep Circuit.  

Q: How has it been so far for you at Montverde Academy?

A: “It’s a bit different obviously with you being with other players that are so talented. I think the biggest thing is the competition with how we compete every day in practice. That’s been my favorite part about it.”

Q: What is it like going against some of the best talent throughout the country every day?

A: “If you don’t bring it on a certain day of practice then you’ll get exposed. Having talented guys around you keeps you on your toes because if you don’t come with it then you can expect that someone else will. Consistently working hard has been the biggest thing that I’ve learned.”

Q: What is something that you have added to your game this season?

A: “I feel like I was already a pretty solid passer, but I think I have improved with that. I think I have gotten better with my reads and making the right play. I’m getting more confident shooting off the dribble and just playing off the bounce. I’ve also begun to learn how to play with other top-notch players because there are so many around.”

Q: Do you plan on taking any visits in the future?

A: “I haven’t taken any visits yet, but I plan on taking some between the end of the regular season and Geico Nationals.”

Q: What is a part of your game that coaches like the most about you?

A: “I think the main thing has been my versatility and the fact that I can do a lot on the floor. I just try to make the right basketball play and most importantly the winning play. I work hard on both ends of the floor so I think those are the main things.”

Q: What is going to take to win the Geico Nationals this year?

A: “I think it all comes down to us playing together as a team and playing hard. I think if we play hard every game I don’t think anyone can beat us. We have so many talented players that I think our second group would be one of the top teams in the country.”

Q: What is something that people are going to realize about you as this season goes on?

A: “I think the main thing is that I am a leader and I would do anything to help my team win. I’ve never been about myself and have always put my team first. I feel like that’s a huge part of basketball and winning games. I think that’s the main thing and the fact that I can bring something different to every team that I play for.”

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