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Dear Senior Year: Joe Girard III

By Joe Girard III/Pat Lawless, 10/05/18, 4:15PM EDT


My Definition

Senior year means something different to me than most. The main thing for me is that it’s your last chance. Whether that’s your last chance playing with your friends, teammates and last chance to show what you got. I’ll never be on the same team again so I have to go out there, play like it’s my last and make sure I’m at my best.

Obviously, I took a different route than everyone else usually does. I decided to stay home at Glens Falls and pass on going to a prep school. I had a few opportunities to do so, but I didn’t feel that it was right because of how I grew up with all of the kids around here. I have a lot of cousins and actually had a relative picture at the high school where he had 10 Girard’s in the school. These are all just people I’ve been close with my whole life. I just think that if I left them and didn’t go to war with them every single day it wouldn’t be right and wouldn’t feel the same. This senior year has been a big year for me already and I had to prepare a lot for it. I’ve taken the challenge head on so far, but it’s always different playing two different sports. It’s always something I’ve done, loved to do and I really couldn’t imagine myself not playing football this year.

Glens Falls

Glens Falls is a really close community and everyone is always rooting for each other. These past few years have been great since we won state championships in football and sectional championships in basketball. The community has really been behind us through all of that. We play in the Glens Falls Civic Center where we host the New York State tournament every year and we’ve sold that out for three straight years. There have been 6,000 people there just to watch a high school basketball game. There’s a lot of pride within this community and a lot of people who support each other. It’s a tight-knit community and we won’t back down from anyone. Glens Falls has a big place in my heart and it wouldn’t feel right if I went to war with anyone else besides my brothers and family here.


As some people know I have become friends with Jimmer Fredette. I talk to him whenever he is able to. He’s obviously got a lot going on with him playing in China. He reaches out every once in a while to ask me how I’m doing and lets me know that if I ever need anything I can hit him up whenever. He’s a friend to me, but also a mentor. He played five years in the NBA and anytime you get to do that it’s special. I’m just trying to follow in his footsteps and if I can accomplish half as much as he has I’ll be satisfied.


I see myself as a born competitor and I hate to lose. I honestly hate losing more than I love winning sometimes. I’m going out there every single day putting in the work to make sure I’m staying on top and be the best I can be. I can shoot and score, but I also see myself as an unselfish player. I like to get all of my teammates involved and make plays for others. I’m just a competitor that makes sure he does everything to help his team win.

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