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Breaking: Scottie Lewis tells Prep Circuit he is down to seven schools - Breaks down each of his options and more

By Pat Lawless, 06/07/18, 3:30PM EDT


Seven schools remain for Scottie Lewis

Photo: Kelly Kline/Under Armour

Scottie Lewis from the Ranney School (N.J.) tells Prep Circuit he is considering seven schools in Duke, Florida, Harvard, Kentucky, Stanford, St. John’s and Villanova. Lewis spoke in depth on what he likes about his final seven schools and more.  

Florida: “They are kind of like St. John’s with them being one of the first schools to offer me and recruit me since freshman year. As many people know we took our first couple of unofficial visits there. We had the chance to go to a football game and their elite camp. We have built up a great bond and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the coaching staff over there. I’ve grown familiar to everyone there and feel very comfortable in Gainesville.”

Kentucky: “It’s Coach Calipari, he breeds NBA players especially athletic guards, which is what I hope to transition into. Players from Kentucky do a good job transitioning to the NBA and make their name known right away, which is something I look at as a player who hopefully will play at that next level and produce right away. In our home visit I felt he was very honest and was right to the point. That’s a relationship we have built for the past two years and he has given me some great advice.”

Harvard: “Harvard and Stanford are kind of in the same boat as far as my academics and just how open I am to everything. I feel like Harvard is an environment academically and socially that I would thrive in. I would be one of the first top ten players to go there. With what we have done at The Ranney School, it’s very similar to what could happen at Harvard. We can start somewhere and just build it up from there.”

Stanford: “Like I said before Stanford is an intriguing option like Harvard. Bryce Wills is heading there and my AAU teammates Aidan Igiehon and Alex Klatsky are big fans of Stanford. Those are all great guys and I think if we all went there we could create something special like Alex and the rest of my teammates at Ranney have done. I think that would be awesome and something I’d consider to rekindle.”

Duke: “Coach Krzyzewski and Coach Scheyer are guys who know the game of basketball. They play a certain way I think that’s a great program for me to fit in as far as how people look at them and how they carry themselves on and off the court. I like how Coach Kryzewski creates men and builds a bond with them. I’m good friends with Cameron Reddish, Trevon Duval, Zion Williamson and I’ve known R.J. Barrett since the sixth grade so I always talk to those guys about it. They will most likely be one of my official visits.”

St. John’s: “They were the first school to offer me and I would have the chance to play for someone who has succeeded as a player in Chris Mullin. On the home visit he made the point that he would have coached for much longer, but instead was chasing his dreams by playing. If I were to go there I would be playing for two guys who have played in the NBA. They have gone through that whole process, which I think would be a great opportunity getting that kind of experience all of the time. You will also get a lot of exposure playing in New York City, which is the mecca of basketball.”

Villanova: “I’ve always been a big fan of theirs honestly and that goes for outside of basketball too. Philadelphia is a great spot, its right in my backyard and close to a lot of people I care about. I think staying close to people like that is important. Coach Jay Wright and Kyle Neptune both have my back and will surround me with great guys who want to win and all have the same goal.”

The next step for Lewis will be going on unofficial visits and after that he will start to think about where he will take his five official visits.

“For the summer, any breaks that we get we are going to take some unofficial visits,” Lewis said. “I want to make sure I see the schools I haven’t been to yet and maybe even see if they are any schools that need to be added to this list. I also want to revisit all the schools I’ve seen and just go through that process again to make sure we aren’t missing anything. In the long run I will pick my five official visits, but I’m not sure when and the same goes for my decision.”

As the process has gone on Lewis has learned a great deal as to what will separate one school from the other down the line. His involvement off the court will play a large role in his decision.

“I think the school aspect itself,” he said. “I’ve always let people know that I am more than just a basketball player I would bring a lot more to the program and to the school outside of basketball. I think using my voice on campus as an athlete will do more as well. I think all of this is something I’d bring to the table, which I think is important for me to find a school that allows that.”

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