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Judah Mintz makes noise at the Hoop Group Southern Jam Fest - He talks about his development & more with Prep Circuit

By Pat Lawless, 05/20/19, 5:30PM EDT


Judah Mintz shines at the Hoop Group Southern Jam Fest

One of the top underclassmen in attendance at the Hoop Group Southern Jam Fest is Team Takeover’s Judah Mintz. Mintz takes over games with his elite scoring ability. He tries to make an impact in multiple ways on the floor.

“I just try and help my team win and do whatever they need me to do,” said Mintz. “Whether that is scoring, rebound or whatever they need me to do.”

Mintz didn’t get that many minutes as a freshman at Gonzaga (DC) this year but should play a big role next high school season. They won the WCAC this year he aims to win three more the rest of his high school career.

“Seeing us win a championship is going to help us these next three years and I want to win three more,” Mintz said.

One local school has extended an offer to him and he has already received a great deal of interest.

“The only offer I have right now is George Mason and have some interest from a lot of schools,” he said.

Mintz thinks what he does on the defensive end separates him from other prospects.

“I think I rebound, shoot, pass and I defend,” Mintz said. “I don’t think a lot of guys defend as I do.”

One player comes to mind when talking about who he watches to develop his game.

“I like Dwayne Wade a lot because of his footwork and the way he scores off the dribble,” he said.

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