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Q&A with C.J. Wilcher on the latest with his recruitment as it continues to heat up

By Pat Lawless, 05/07/19, 10:45AM EDT


C.J. Wilcher breaks down the latest with his recruitment

Class of 2020 wing C.J. Wilcher is one of the biggest breakout prospects from this past high school season and leading into this AAU season with Team Rio (NJ). His recruitment has heated up as a result and it appears more schools are getting involved. He spoke to Prep Circuit on the latest with this and more.

Q: You’ve gotten yourself into much better shape. How would you describe your progression?

A: “Every year since freshman year I’ve been progressively losing weight. What started me losing weight was at my school we did a trail for five days straight and after that, I wanted to keep my body at that point. I just kept working on it by eating right and stuff like that.”

Q: What are schools saying they like the most about you?

A: “My ability to score the ball and they like my energy too. That’s the type of person I am with how I cheer on my teammates when they catch dunks and all of that stuff.”

Q: Who has offered recently?

A: “Xavier, Nebraska, DePaul, St. John’s and more.”

Q: Who has been the most active?

A: “Definitely Xavier, Harvard, and Yale have been talking a lot.”

Q: What has Xavier Head Coach Travis Steele been saying to you?

A: “Coming in as a freshman and being able to earn my keep. Offensively, I can score the ball in different ways and that’s the role he wants me to come in with. He also wants me to be a leader and keep my energy high.”

Q: Has newly hired St. John’s head coach Mike Anderson talked to you at all?

A: “He called me a few days ago. It was cool for him to reach out to me after getting the job for a week. Of course, everyone knows I can score the ball, but I also bring energy and that was his message to me. He wants me to get my teammates going.”

Q: Do you have any upcoming visits?

A: “I probably plan on visiting Xavier, Providence, Yale, and Nebraska.”

Q: What has Nebraska Head Coach Fred Hoiberg been saying to you?

A: “How I can fit into the NBA style of play that will be implemented into their team. Being able to fit in and being able to play my game. He talked to my Dad a few times too.”

Q: Who are some of the schools that have been in to see your open gyms?

A: “Pittsburgh, DePaul, Boston College, VCU.”

Q: How are you going to approach the decision process?

A: “It’s going to be a lot of talking with my parents, my little brother and see how they feel about it. If I were to tell you a time when I’ll commit I’d be lying to you. I don’t really know what time I’ll commit, but whenever the best time is for that is when I’ll do it.”

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